What are some tips to avoid overeating or getting too drunk during the Christmas-New Year party season?

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    Don't eat or drink too much.

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    Remember night curfew imposed in Okinawa and Read Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi (fasting). These two tips should be ok for this Christmas - New Year Party :)

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    Keep your mouth and hands busy- talk to the others, perform something , do origami from hashi wrappers and napkins, encourage nijikai to be at karaoke. Stick to the salad, chips and beer.

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    Use your brain and common sense. How hard is that?

    In all the years I lived before coming to Japan in two big cities in the US, I never saw a mature adult so drunk that he/she was puking in public. Nor did I ever see any of my friends (after high school or early college) so drunk that they were puking on public transportation.

    I see both of these all the time in Tokyo. At least four to five times a week.

    What is the real difference here? Apparently 1. it is ok to do so here. Which mystifies me. 2. common sense to know when you have had enough.

    I wish people here would stop being so disgusting in public and have a little more concern for others and not make train platforms a puke ridden nightmare.

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    Really, moderators should just lock further posts after borscht, he said what needed to be said

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    Why try? surely this is the season for overindulgence!!!!

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    Exactly. If people don't want to overeat or get too drunk, they should not do so. Seems pretty simple to me.

    How do you avoid jumping off a cliff? Don't jump.

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    You are over sensitive because you come from a country were people don't really drink... a country that even banned it once. On a recent trip to the US I was amazed that it was actually really difficult to buy a beer.

    Being from the UK, I love drinking in Japan. There is none of the violence that I used to see all the time back home. So what if someone occasionally pukes after drinking too much? I don't see it happen that much.

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    Wot Squidbert sed.

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    Tips for people who get swept off their feet and seriously regret it aferwards in every part of their body? Grow up?

    No, well not ready for that yet?

    Well, order a soft drink or an oolong-cha between harder drinks. Make sure to drink that still or sparkling water in front of you, swig for swig, every other swig. If you are offered second helpings, ask for a little, and when you see that everyone else is drunk, the pressure will be off to actually finish what's on your plate.

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    Yep, no more pointless comments needed after borscht's one ... like ... this one. oops.

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    Smaller plates. Those who really shouldn't be eating more will be reluctant to power up the crane to carry then back to the kitchen for seconds.

    Set a budget and keep to it. Drinking in Japan is really expensive.

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    • To avoid overdrinking: Make sure to overeat first.

    • To avoid overeating: Make sure to only drink.

    The real trick is to avoid overdrinking AND overeating. Sorry, I got nothin'.

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    davestrousers "You are over sensitive because you come from a country were people don't really drink... "

    No, I am sensitive because of the unsanitary and discusting habit of adult who should know better puking all over the tain platform.

    I am very happy for you that you don't see it much. But for someone living on Chuo Line I see it constantly. Saw it last night on the way home. Will likely see it again on the way home tonight. It is as usual as darkness following daylight on this line. And it is unsanitary, disgusting and completely avoidable if people would just behave like adults and not like fratboys and fratgirls on a bender.

    I drink. I like wine, I like spirits. I have no moral issue with drinking at all. What I take issue with is people being stupid and exposing the public to piles of vomit, when all it would take is a little self control to end the problem entirely.

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    I plan to avoid underdrinking by getting plenty of supplies in early.

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    Boscht, you are number 1. Best strategy. K.I.S.S,

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    Ivan Coughanoffalot

    There is no such thing as too drunk at Christmas.

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    It's like asking "What's the best way to avoid getting too clean when you have a shower?"

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    I'm not reading any of the comments, because I'm sure they all say some variation on "moderation". This question is lame.

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    Drink yourself to death at Thanksgiving.

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    I don't give a crap about over drinking or over eating at christmas and new year.. You spend most of the year worried about crap so its nice to spend a few days at the end of the year to eat and drink without a care.

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    Dinner at your favorite sushi restaurant. After dinner drinks at Starbucks.

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