Can exercise detoxify the body? Health experts are skeptical

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    Detoxification is just another buzz word for people to use in order to get sales out of uninformed people.

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    It doesn't matter whether exercise detoxes you or not. It makes you feel good, it improves your energy levels and your overall health, and if you do it outside of your home, it improves your social life.

    The fact is, if exercise were a pill, everyone would be taking it! So go and do it!

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    Can exercise detoxify the body?

    In a word - no.

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    “No good scientific data supports any of those cleanses, where you drink juice, or (only) water for a week,” she said.

    That shows a need for more scientific data, and offers nothing toward the question of whether or not it is true. Meanwhile, a lot of people report improved conditions after increasing fluids and reduced food intake, and denying the experience of so many without any proof seems foolish.

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