Dementia epidemic looms with 135 million sufferers seen by 2050

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    In Britain, dementia is the most feared health condition among people aged over 55...

    It scares the hell out of me.

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    Longer life, same prevalence of the disease. Do the math. The same could be said for every geriatric disease, this isn't restricted to dementia (although dementia is one of the more common conditions). You'll also see more hip replacements, more eye surgeries, etc, etc, etc.

    Personally I've included in my living will a clause that reads, "Over 70 years of age, DNR, do not place on life support for more than 24 hours". I may not be able to make that call when I'm 70 for medical and legal reasons, so its in there now. I've also expressed a desire for a top of the line cardboard box instead of an insanely expensive coffin, and to be tossed into the sea (in my cardboard box) because cremation is an insanely energy-expensive and polluting process.

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    Dementia is contagious?

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