Exercise before school improves concentration: study

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    Balakrishnan Gurumurti

    ****great study. how all pupils all over follow this great revelation so pupils can do much better than today who just depend on motorized transports without self efforts!

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    It's all about the cortisone... and the steroids... and the growth hormone.

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    For some reasons, I don't think so. why? because when you exercise in the morning, and when your classes starts to get boring, you end up falling asleep for no reason. Next is, even if you do this routine a lot, somewhere in the afternoon you'll start to yawn and feel sleepy. Unlike students who take public and private transportation, they do feel sleepy in the morning but not so much in the afternoon.

    In conclusion it all depends on the teacher whether he'll make the class lively or not, and also,depends if you had a hang-over last night, woke up and exercise and go to school.

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