Some children outgrow autism: study

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    Seems like many grandmothers were right.

    "Oh don't worry about that. He'll grow out of it!"

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    The passage

    “Our hope is that further research will help us better understand the mechanisms of change so that each child can have the best possible life.”

    Could we parallel that with public education so that the general public aren't terrified of the disorder, and can also cope with it too?

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    That was expected. Easier for doctors to say "he grow out of it" than admit a diagnostic error... and risk to be asked to pay back costly useless countless visits to specialists, psychologists, "special education", etc. It's totally clear that, starting 10 to 15 years ago, they have been in kindergartens to hunt any kid that speaks later than the average and pull the family into their "special need" business. Later as these kids grow up, it's clear they simply just develop at a slightly different pace. Besides, for the real cases, they tend to send parents home saying "this is not medical" because it's more difficult to cure actual conditions than imaginary ones.

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