UK study to probe if curry spice can fight cancer

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    absolutely curcumin will help with not only cancer but a variety of other inflammatory diseases. Eat your turmeric.

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    ok let me get this straight turmeric is not a curry spice. its a spice

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    Turmeric is included in most (but not all) curry spice mixes. Not sure about the Japanese curry "roux" though.

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    They have been selling turmeric tea here in Japan for years, so it is a well known fact.

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    Tried that turmeric tea - absolutely vile. I use turmeric when making curries, but the tea does nothing for me.

    Not sure about the Japanese curry "roux" though

    Another vile thing - full of lard and starch.

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    Too bad they don't talk to someone who knows sommat about Indian cooking. Tumeric's medicinal power is only evident in conjunction with pepper. jccampb

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    So does this mean eating jaffa cakes will stave off bowel cancer???! YESSSSS!!!!

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