Celebrity bad science: Dried placenta pills, oxygen shots and opening windows on planes

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    Some of this is not entirely true. Low white blood cell counts can make you more susceptible to disease and infection. You CAN boost your immunity by having a higher blood cell count.

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    I find this article incredibly (and unintentionally) ironic. While it is true that celebrities are a constant source of nonsense one should also bear in mind that the popular media perpetuates this nonsense by reporting on it, and that reports, particularly those who lack any sort of scientific background but still persist on reporting on scientific matters, are probably a bigger source of nonsense than all the celebrities in the world...

    ... and hence the irony. This article has summarised entire interviews with notable experts down to a single "sound byte", which may be what they said, but is often not what the scientist meant. Reporters are far worse than any celebrity.

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    Philomena Marino

    Oxygen kills cancer cells,but no way would they want anyone to know THAT .

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