Speaking 2 languages may delay getting Alzheimer's

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    Bialystok is always reaching iffy conclusions. I particularly like the use of the word "may" in the title. Very telling.

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    Does Osaka-ben count ?


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    Most of the benefits of having a bilingual brain are well-known like improving career opportunites to expanding your dating pool. But bilingualism can also benefit your brain's everyday practical functioning and long term health. Although most adults have denser gray material than monolinguals and may actually protect the brain from aging and help the onset of some disease thus helping the brain's overall health. I'm a firm believer of brain teasers like cross ward puzzles to keep the mind alert. I speak several languages and have felt that I had an advantage in processing auditory language, solving problems that involved misleading cues and changed my most automatic skills while growing up. This advantage also ranged from understanding words that have roots, to being able to communicate easier and understand people that do not speak the languages I do, or speak them at a minimum. Finally, I learned that my brain works differently

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    This is a great article for my senior citizens English conversation class. Thanks JT. :D

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    Brain-doing exercises are used by doctors to help retirees and seniors keeping their healthy routine activities going on. Speaking a foreign language is another task of forcing your brain working efficiently and fully-speed. We have know the brain zones in which each activity provokes one area grow and maintain active for long. You will build up two banks of vocabularies - your mother-tongue and secondary languages. Nerves are fed by nutrients and reinforced to keep retirees and seniors .... being an active citizen. We may check a ratio of Alzheimer patients among bilingual and monolingual for a more convincing report. Seniors and retirees are advised to learn a foreign language now.

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    Does speaking many computer languages help too?

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    Geez I was born in Mexico, first Spoke Spanish, then went up to California, where most of my neighbors were Portuguese but we had to listen to our teachers say funny things in a funny language called English then grew up wanted to do something real different and chose Japanese, so does this mean me speaking Spanish, English, Portuguese, Japanese and some French and Italian will keep me from getting Alzheimers??

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    What happens with a person who speaks English, #1, French #2, Russian #3, and Japanese #4? It will be interesting to find out the answer. The answer will arrive in 03/04/2046. 100 years old!

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    Good... I can speak five languages :-)

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    Do dialects count? How about bastardized versions of a language?

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    I agree with this study. My grandfather spoke Spanish and Yiddish fluently. He was able to hide his Alzheimer's for a pretty long time and even after it became impossible for him to live alone, he would speak and tell long stories (in English because we all spoke only English at the time) using advanced vocabulary even after he couldn't walk or eat unassisted anymore.

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    Yes! I knew all these extra languages would pay off. Dialects probably don't matter unless they're really different from one another.

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