200,000 chickens perish in Chiba farm fire


Police said Sunday that 200,000 chickens perished in a fire at a farm in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture.

According to police, the fire broke out at about 3:30 p.m. on Saturday at the chicken farm and egg-packing facility. TV Asahi reported that three buildings were destroyed by the fire that took firefighters about five hours to extinguish.

About 250,000 chickens were kept in the 21,000-square-meter facility. 

Japan Today

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    Tom DeMicke

    Prices gonna go up at Kentucky Fried Chicken for sure!

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    200,000 chickens is a lot of chicken gone to waste but not enough to cause a chicken price panic. Poor chickens....

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    Prices gonna go up at Kentucky Fried Chicken for sure!

    Kentucky doesn't use Japanese chicken. It is from Brazil.

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    Vernie Jefferies

    Wow, that's a lot of chicken. I can't imagine how bad it will be smelling in that area after the fire. The aroma of a chicken farm is already bad enough.

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    Kentucky doesn't use Japanese chicken.

    In fact they do. They have their own chicken farms in Kyushu. I know this for a fact because a friend of mine works for Yum foods Japan, which is owned by Mitsubishi.

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    Just the other week it was 139 pigs on a farm in ibaraki ...... are these two events connected ?

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    Just under a square foot per bird. Pretty crowded, but it sounds at least like they weren't stacked wing-to-wing in tiny crates up to the ceiling. Better than in Ibaraki.

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    Poor chickens.

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    Puts new meaning to the term..GETTING FIRED..

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    R.I.P. chickens, at least you guys didn't manage to be dismembered and eaten.

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    :( I used to have chickens as pets at one point. Always fun to watch and play with. sad day. =(

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    @ AiserX...Amen! I have the same feeling...Thank's for your comment!

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    They are also some of the most curious of animals. :) When ever your doing something they will always walk by and watch until loss of interest. :) Often times walking around what ever activity you are engaged in looking from every angle. :)

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    Sad story, hope they went quick. Not sure if I want to eat flame grilled for a while.

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    geeez! what a tragedy :( rip chickens

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    damn imagine the sight of 200,000 flapping fireballs, and the noise they must have made. RIP

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