6,000-sq-km area sank following Tohoku earthquake, say scientists


The Ministry of the Environment said Tuesday that an area more than twice the size of Tokyo subsided following last year’s Tohoku earthquake.

The ministry announced that scientists have discovered the height of the land has changed in an area encompassing seven prefectures aside from the three worst-hit prefectures of Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima, Fuji TV reported. The 10-prefecture area is 5,919.5 square kilometers in size. On average, the ministry says the land within that zone has sunk more than 2 centimeters as a result of the quake. 

According to the ministry, the worst-hit areas were Ichikawa in Chiba Prefecture, which is now 30.9 cm lower, and Tsukuba in Ibaraki, which sunk by 15.2 cm.

Japan Today

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    Tom DeMicke

    Darn, now they will have to redo all the maps. Apple, get busy!

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    Even with GPS in military mode, accuracy is only within a meter or two. How the heck do you get 2cm accuracy for altitude measurements?

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    Tyler Vandenberg

    @ Fadamor

    GPS in combination with an augmentation system has accuracy at the millimeter level.

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    But even THAT relies on a known fixed location and altitude for the reference. With roughly 6000^2 kilometers affected, which known locations are still where they were previously?

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