Armani dedicates fashion collection to Japan's quake victims

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    No money? "Homage to Japan" , just like that commemorative fan at the U.S. ambassador's residence to Honor Japan?!

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    Aw, bless him. I`m sure the people of Tohoku are comforted in the thought that Paris models are mincing along in clothes dedicated to them.

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    Activism that is really doing nothing much is rampant your bra color on Facebook 'to raise awareness of breast cancer' wear purple if you know someone with Alzheimer's, wear red to work to raise awareness of heart disease, and last but not least the 'We are Tomodachi' campaign on cable TV. Everybody just feels that they're doing something without accomplishing squat...

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    Affluent and upscale consumers can purchase his collection and their money is donated to Tohoku.

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    Some people just shouldn't get involved.

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    Alexandre Costa

    somehow becomes an offense, he simply tied a cord around the waist of the model that looks like a homeless and in Japan claim to be inspired ... Give me a break!

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    Now you can pretend to care and look fabulous at the same time!

    I would like to see the rich and powerful actually caring enough to dig some change out of their pockets for a ticket to Japan, don rubber boots and help clearing debris, or building shelters. What they're doing right now doesn't really require much effort - it's the same thing they do every day, just with an added twist.

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    Affluent and upscale consumers can purchase his collection and their money is donated to Tohoku.

    Sorry Asian Tourist - Tohoku people are not getting even 1 yen. Nothing. ALL the money goes to european fashion houses. This has nothing to do with donating money or having any sympathy for Japanese disaster victims. It has everything to do with using the Japan disaster theme to promote a show. What a grub this Armani bloke is!

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    Jason Briffa

    No one seems flattered by this. And why should they? I feel insulted by this too.

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