Asian neighbors angry over N Korean rocket launch

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    But was it successful?

    You would think that America with all of its technical war machine satellites and other junk would be able to tell us if it was put into orbit and what kind of orbit.


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    @Japangal: NK lost control of the satellite, according to gizmodo. http :// gizmodo. com/5968007/north-korea-satellite-out-of-control-why-this-is-very-bad-news (awesome header image there btw)

    I don't understand what NK is thinking really, do they on purposely want everyone to get angry?

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    wonder what The Philippines thoughts on this...

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    A great success for North- Korean scientists and technicians. First ever North-Korean satellite is placed in orbit. What's a reason for neighbours to be angered of ?

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    It's only confirmed that China, Japan, korea have to find someway to get along with each other for long run. it's true you don't like each other, but what you can do? you can't move your country land away for some 2000 km! every morning when you wake up you see these neighbors shouting by your house, of course you can't break in their home to hit them (they would definitely hit back). Don't try any nonsense way and think about how to amend relationship!

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    So, you are angry. What is the point? Obviously, nothing will happen, and the same story will be presented after the next launch.

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