Boeing asks U.S. authorities to allow 787 test flights

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    Makes sense. Once you've examined all the components individually on the ground, the only thing left is to test them under flight conditions to see if the problem appears there. I expect the battery compartment will have a ton of monitors and other sensors during these test flights. Ideally, they have another battery fail during the tests so they can finally identify the cause. I wonder if the flight crew gets hazard duty pay for running those test flights?

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    The grounding may take "months"? ANA should take them back, get their money back, and replace them with Airbuses. I've got plans to fly on ANA this spring, and I don't want any aggro.

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    I've got plans to fly on ANA this spring, and I don't want any aggro.

    If they're grounded, why would you have any aggro?

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    @lostrune2 Because it seems ANA are shuffling around their livery to make up for their aircraft deficit, affecting a number of their flights. Also, my fight that usually costs around 150K is now priced at around double that This is what the ANA website told me when I tried to book:

    [Apology] We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and concern of cancellations and aircraft type changes caused by the recent safety issues of the Boeing 787 aircraft []. Please note that even if 788 is shown in the aircraft type column, the aircraft type which will be actually used is subject to change. For the latest updates on information involving the Boeing 787 aircraft, please refer to the [Notice] section.

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