Boeing proposes battery fix for 787s

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    I know the 787 battery compartments are not accessible from inside the plane during flight, but do we know if they are pressurized as in the main passenger cabin?

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    Well, I am glad that this plastic wonder is not in the air for a while, so that I don´t risk being placed in one. I have said from the start that the many engineers who warned that this over-ambitious plane was design-overreach should have been listened to.

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    Since they still don't know the root of the cause, it's still just a temporary fix, regarldess of the actual time it takes. Worse still, it's just about the money for Boeing and the airlines if they put the things back in the air without discovering the real problems.

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    The grounding has forced airlines that own the 787 to rework their schedules. LOT Polish Airlines has said the grounding of its two 787s is costing it $50,000 per day. Most affected has been ANA, which has 17 of the planes

    does it mean ANA might be losing over Y40mil per day? good ANA got best airline award earlier.


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    If the batteries are not usable, can the plane run off electricity generated by engines? My hand phone uses a super lightweight lithium battery. There is a warning message on the back: "The handset may become hot while in use. Avoid prolonged skin contact with handset that may result in burns". I never had that problem. The battery died first.

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