Crown prince, princess return from Netherlands


Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako returned to Tokyo on Friday morning after attending the investiture of Dutch King Willem-Alexander on Tuesday. The couple arrived at Haneda Airport aboard a specially chartered JAL plane just after 10 a.m.

The visit was Masako’s first official overseas trip in 11 years. During the visit, which began on April 28, the crown prince and crown princess also attended a banquet hosted by King Willem-Alexander and his wife. They also met Masako’s parents at their hotel. Her father, Hisashi Oawada, is a judge serving on the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Japan Today

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    Nothing beats a free trip on tax payers money!

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    Hope they (especially she) will make more trips, and enjoy them.

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    I know it was all stage-managed, but the sight of their young daughter "welcoming them home" was cold and heartless. Is displaying any public affection to kids frowned upon in royal circles? Geez - not even a touch on her head - nothing! Then again, maybe showing any affection could infuriate some elder subjects?

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    I wonder how her parents feel about pressuring her into the life she now lives? Are they proud, that a vibrant, intelligent a successful diplomat with an active, "world-is-her-oyster" future ahead of her, has been housebound, humiliated, and suffering emotionally for so many years?

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    USA diplomats and president travel with tax dollars. Prince and Princess traveled representing Japan. When they travel representing Japan, why they spend their own money? Japan seized their possessions quite while ago.

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    Touching head? Does not sound like Japanese custom at all.

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    Touching Asians on the head is a taboo.

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    Touching Asians on the head is a taboo

    Zichi - In parts of SE Asia, eg Thailand, I know this to be true. Is it also the case in Japan? I have seen no evidence of it.

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