Doolittle Raiders hold final reunion

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    Tho the history is nice to read and everyone did their duty in the war i am a bit doubtful that this article is in good taste being published in a news service forum online that is intended to inform us about Japan and current events IN Japan. This can hardly be a sympathetic subject for Japanese readers even those with an interest in history. I would suggest a bit more editorial tact and respect would be nice.

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    Good article about a historically-relevant event.

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    Peter Payne

    Excellent post. I'd buy these guys a beer...or a Depend.

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    The men and women who fought and suffered in the second World War have all grown old and all but a very few have died.

    We ourselves are just the sum of the lives that have gone before us.

    Is it in good taste to talk of the wars of our Grandfathers, maybe not, but it is most appropriate.

    Appropriate or not, what struggles and accomplishments will we reflect upon when our own time comes?

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