Eclipse fools lemurs into thinking it's night, causing frenzy

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    Imagine that. Lemurs exhibiting strange behavior while being forced out into open spaces to be gawked at by slack-jawed yokels. I'll believe that account when someone can prove to me that this mornings light looked just a shade darker than any other 7:30am.

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    Sorry - was everyone (including the lemurs!) seeing the same eclipse that I saw??! People keep talking about it going dark and a ring of fire - where I was standing it didnt go dark at all - nothing more than the sun going behind a cloud - and the ring of fire was only really visible properly through the glasses. It was amazing, phenomenal, and I feel very lucky to have witnessed it. But please - stop with the massive exaggerations!

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    Those crazy Lemurs. Always fight for more attention than the monkeys or elephants.

    Jumping up and down wildly in a frenzy for the smallest of reasons.

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    I call this pure BS!

    Haha, I mean yeah it goes a little darker during the eclipse but not by much & animals wud never look straight into the sun on ANY day so they arent really cluing in to whats going on.

    The zoos that opened early for all this just pulled a FAST ONE on the fools that went there LOL!!

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    night? the darkening of the sky is like almost unnoticeable... just like normal cloudy days during winter. but it did became 2 degrees colder during totality so unless they are too sensitive to detect that change then maybe that explains why they are warming up their bodies

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    The lemurs were upset because their keeper failed to issue them a pair of special goggles with which to view the eclipse.

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    on tv this morning many of the stations had a reporter on scene at zoos to get the reactions of the animals. and who says japanese tv is lame and boring?

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    Lemurs go crazy when they are watched by large groups of people.

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    lemurs "like to move it..."

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    For around the five minutes or so of the eclipse the sky did take on an evening-type aspect. Not dark as in night, but early twilight. That would be what got the lemurs going.

    Round these parts the crows were cawing in the way that they normally only do at the end of the day.

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    Dennis Bauer

    Lemmy Lemmy let my see that eclipse one more time :p

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    I was clearly disappointed that it did not get darker. The one I saw as a child, was much darker. There must be types of solar eclipses!

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    OMG, where I was it got an eery dark and I could see animals being confused - for about 10 minutes or so.

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    Actually,I went back to bed and slept for another 2 hours..........not unusual on my part tho

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    Egon I see ghosts

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    I know how they must of felt. I thought it would of been the perfect excuse to of gone back to sleep when it got dark :(

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    I was watching the news this morning and they were trying to see how the monkeys or chimps would react to the eclipse. Come on! Monkeys in Japanese zoos are usually brain dead or mentally disturbed due to neglect. I've never seen them react to anything, let alone an eclipse.

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    Jay Que

    My girl friend Yoko-chan told me that at the Zoo (I think it was Ueno) all the kangaroos started hopping at the same time when the eclipse occurred.

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    My girlfriend Erica-lovey-dovey-chan said she heard birds chirping at exactly 7:30am

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    ReformedBasher - why in the world would you spend money to go to a zoo and watch animals taken out of their routine and put on display 2 hours earlier than usual when you could have watched the eclipse outside your apt/house for free??

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    I'm sure zoo officials disturbed the animals just enough to justify the 4 years they spent studying zoology.

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