Japan may restart reactors in a year

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    Decision made, public input 0% public suffer 100% welcome to communism by consent.

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    Its not what the power companies are looking for and they want reactor starts this year so I will be surprised if it another year before any restarts.

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    Liberty Joe Lowe

    OMG, unfortunately they are needed

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    So who is Japan? Government, nuclear industry, or people. I can see it will anyway. MOX happens also. We will need more heroes like Yoshida. Good luck 'japan'

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    World economies are dependent on energy,.without it there is no way to keep going and produce wealth!!

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    why are they ignoring what the people want? I hope to see riots.

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    Well, we don't need nuclear energy if we can buy it from Russia :)

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    Well, if they do reopen some plants does that mean the increased electricity bills will be reversed? Of course it bloody doesn't! All it means is, the power companies will turn over a larger profit.

    Japan is not a democracy! It is a hypocrisy!

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    Japan has no choice. The biggest threat to the future of Japan is the growing cost of resources. Its not just a weaker yen but energy related think tanks have determined that peak oil and its timing is grossly under estimated. The Japanese can possibly all die from another nuclear power plant disaster but without power at a reasonable price they will become extinct a lot faster.

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    He did not identify the reactors that are likely to restart.

    I suppose if he intends to maximize public outrage AND our chances of disaster, he will suggest Hamaoka, which is built on the projected Tokai Earthquake site.

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    Decision made, public input 0% public suffer 100% welcome to communism by consent.

    Speak for yourself, I don't mind nuclear power if it will stop my electric bills from going up. I have separate bills for central air and everything else, and both were hit with 10% increases.

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    Highly doubtful reactors will restart. Problems are mounting, to say the least.

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    If Japan needs nuclear power, go ahead. There are other countries who want to develop their nuclear power and the US puts plenty of impediments. Commercial wise, the US will discourage nuclear power in Japan as this will affect their oil and gas developments if Japan is energy sufficient. Of course they can't say this.

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