5th death in Japan linked to new flu recorded as Nagano man succumbs

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    Did anyone die from regular flu?? Any one keeping record for regular flu

    How deadly is swine flu?

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    The man, who had an enlarged heart, chronic heart failure and diabetes as underlying diseases

    Sorry but this is like a cancer patient being reported of dying of pneumonia - jst the thing that tipped him over the edge.

    I believe that more people so far have died of regular flu this year than this one. The thing is this one spreads faster but (at the moment) symptoms seem to be weaker and recovery quicker - unless there are underlying complications as this guy.

    Whilst no death is good let's keep it real and in perspective please.

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    A man who was dying died. Only in the news because he had the new flu on top of all his other problems.

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    Well said, notimpressed. Wake me up when healthy people start dropping like flies.

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    Swine flu adds to the deaths caused by regular flu. It can be a hard winter.

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    We are always dying of somthing, weather its new flu, or bubonic plague, or the fact that every day you live gets you closer to the one when you die. The day I know I need to fear death from the flu, is the day I know I'm probably already sicker from something else and dying of that.

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