Japanese woman, 114, named world's oldest woman

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    That 2nd photo is classic. There is a nursing home down the street from us and I often see the women doing physical training inside and activities. Anyway best to you lady. Yep the only real big killer here is the smoking, boozing, stress, suicide and the big C. Impressive centurion numbers but they won't show you the cancer ones.

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    Chuichi Hashimura

    Celebrate her 115th birthday next week

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    Congratulations!!! I guess the dream of perpetual life is still out of sight. Bummer!!!

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    May God Bless her!!

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    Talking of oldies, the Indian guy over 100 just retired from competitive running in marathons and other races when he did the 10K last week at the Hong Kong marathon. What a guy. And congratulations to this obaachan.

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    i'm sure the bureaucrats at the health ministry are cringing at this news. with 30% of the population set to be over 60, the drain on our taxes will be unimaginable.

    but congrats, baba!!

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    No way would I want to be that old. Also, aside from statistics ricky, do you have any proof that Japan is aging?

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    Peter Payne

    @my2sense Damn, you had me at stress. Oops, and boozing and cancer (Mom got it so I have a family history now).

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    How is her quality of life? That's just as important as her longevity.

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    Graham DeShazo

    Doesn't look a day over 105.

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    114-year-old Japanese woman, the daughter of a kimono maker

    114 years old and still defined by her father's job; you've come along way, baby. Congratulations and happy birthday.

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    Bartholomew Harte

    Unlike some cases this lady has the most important aspect to her longevity Love of Family & Life!

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    Congrats to this dear soul. Maybe you live longer yet!

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    I hope her life is filled with happy memories. That's a seriously long time to be alive!

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    114 is nothing. According to the Japanese pension system there are dozens of people here over 170.

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    Extra Virgin Palm Oil

    What an accomplishment! I wonder what she'll do next?

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    Tom DeMicke

    Wow! Happy "many" birthdays!

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    Gloria Gigi Ncwana

    170? nothing like that!!!

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    What a wonderful gift to Japan and the world. She is a sweetheart. Everyone should be so lucky.

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