Princess Noriko to marry son of Shinto shrine's chief priest on Oct 5


The Imperial Household Agency has announced that Princess Noriko, 26, a daughter of Emperor Akihito’s late cousin Prince Takamado, will marry Kunimaro Senge, 40, a son of the chief priest of the Izumo Taisha (Grand Shrine) in Shimane Prefecture, on Oct 5.

The wedding will take place at the shrine where Senge’s family has served for generations. The couple announced their engagement in May.

After the ceremony, receptions and banquets will be held on Oct 6 and Oct 8, for members of t.he imperial family and the government.

The wedding will be the first involving a member of the imperial family since 2005, when Princess Sayako, the daughter of the emperor and Empress Michiko, got married.

Japan Today

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    I hope they are truly happy. But, I am a bit curious about how the royal titles are bestowed. The daughter of the Emperor's cousin is still a Princess?

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    So, does she need to give up her title like Sayako Kuroda did?

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    So, does she need to give up her title like Sayako Kuroda did?

    If the Emperor's daughter does, I would imagine the Emperor's cousin's daughter does, too.

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    Shows how much I know about Shintoism. I didn't think Shinto priests married. Good luck to them.

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    She's marrying the son of a priest. It doesn't say that he is a priest himself.

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    A bit older for her.

    But she is giving up her Imperial title and living as a commoner after the wedding.

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    She will become a commoner with no more access to the imperial family. He will become a very well paid Chief Priest once his father retires or dies. Its always kept in the family.

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    i think the issue of whether she keeps her title as princess depends on the imperial house council, it depends on whether they approve of their marriage or not. too bad the emperor has no say on who stays within the imperial clan, especially when its his own daughter.

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