Stem cell pioneer in U.S. sues assembly over Nobel medicine prize

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    "My main priority for filing this suit was to clarify the Academy’s mistaken and misleading statements for the preservation of humanity and future generations."

    I agree completely that the man should be given proper credit where credit is due. But claiming he's filing this lawsuit "...for the preservation of humanity and future generations"? What a load of malarkey. He's trying to protect his ego. And good on him for that. It's a significant discovery that he should rightly be proud of. But let's just call an ace an ace, shall we?

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    Can Mr Xu provide references to papers he has published to back up his claims?

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    House Atreides

    The lawsuit will very likely be thrown out because the court lacks personal jurisdiction over the Nobel assembly. Unless Rongxiang Xu can show the Nobel assembly in Sweden had "minimum contacts" with the state of California, the suit will be dismissed.

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    What a tool. Where is his published work that clearly shows the two who received the award duplicated his research? If his work had such an impact a decade earlier, why did no one notice?

    Sour Grapes, plain and simple.

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    ENVY !!!! I guess XU is chinese wanted to be recognized.

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