Tokyo Tower nominated for 'cultural property' status


Tokyo Tower, a symbol of Japan’s post-war economic boom, has been nominated to be recognized as an important cultural property by the Japanese government.

The 333-meter former television broadcasting tower ceased to function as a transmitter in 2011, when analog broadcasting was replaced by a terrestrial digital equivalent. According to Nippon Television City Corp, in order to attract tourists, the Cultural Affairs Agency has filed for recognition as a cultural property.

The structure follows Nagoya TV Tower, which was built in 1954 and registered as a cultural property in 2005. Tokyo Tower was granted its new status as a result of its historical importance and its engineering achievements, said a spokesperson for Cultural Affairs Agency, NTV reported.

Tokyo Tower, a iconic feature of the Tokyo skyline, was completed in 1958 and became a symbol of Japan’s postwar recovery and economic growth. At the time, it overtook The Eiffel Tower to become the tallest iron structure in the world.

Japan Today

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    Considering how many times I've had to save Tokyo Tower from evil space aliens and radioactive monsters, I think this is a good idea.

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    I agree, although just for Japan's cultural list, not as a UNESCO World Heritage.

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