NTSB: Dreamliner battery that burned not overcharged

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    So the US one was not overcharged but the Japanese one was, according to this article. Quote: "An investigator in Japan said Friday that the burned insides of the plane’s lithium ion battery show the battery received voltage in excess of its design limits."

    Or will the Japanese side change their version in light of this new US finding, I wonder?

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    The passage

    So the US one was not overcharged but the Japanese one was, according to this article.

    I think the article is misleading. It says it didn't go above the 32V limit but doesn't mention the current. Surges are usually current related not voltage. Still don't have the full picture.

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    I need some education about the relation between voltage and current when charging batteries. With a resistor it's I = V/R, R is the constant resistance, so current is proportional to voltage. But according to the above article, voltage and current are independent when charging a battery. Or perhaps the resistance of the battery is changing? I freely admit my ignorance here.

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    The passage

    @craig - are you assuming the power source is steady? If so the rule could hold, but the source of power is not the battery but a connection to a generator hooked up to the engines and/or APU. There isn't enough info on what was providing the charging source or how it was behaving, hence impossible to determine the cause.

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