World's oldest ever man turns 116 in Japan

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    Hats off to you Mr. Kimura. Happy Birthday.

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    Happy 116th trip around the sun!

    His morning started at 7 a.m. with a healthy breakfast—a bowl of porridge with red beans, egg tofu and mashed pumpkin, a local official said.

    That's pimp.

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    Glad he's still enjoying life.

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    To put this in perspective, if you're 90, you would have 26 more years to live. Damn, that's a long time.

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    Kimura had seven children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grand children and 14 great-great grandchildren,

    Did they all die? Or should it be: Kimura has seven children....

    Also the title exposes the writer's youth. "World's oldest ever man..." vs "World's oldest man..."

    Congratulations on the record. Please record your biography so we can relive a century of memories.

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    Chuichi Hashimura

    A happy long life.

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    Congratulations, Mr. Kimura! I second Borscht's wish that he record his biography. Hopefully there are lots of neighbors around who want to hear the memories of someone who is probably the last person in the world to have any recollection of the 19th century.

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    Hats off to him. The oldest man recorded in these "modern" times.

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    Also the title exposes the writer's youth. "World's oldest ever man..." vs "World's oldest man..." Yes according to Wikipedia, he only ranks #9 as the world's oldest person.

    However, considering that he's living with his grand-daughter in law and she's 60 years old, it's possible that all of his children are dead or probably somewhere in their 90's. It's interesting to see that on that list of 100 oldest people ever, most of them are Americans. Better record keeping than other countries perhaps?

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    Well done, Mr. Kimura.

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    Steven C. Schulz

    Congratulations Mr. Kimura!

    I would love to hear the stories you have to tell.

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    He must be tired of the happy birthday song I think. And cakes.

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    John Occupythemoon Daly

    116 years old, drinking a "modest" amount of alcohol? This guy is not just the oldest man in history, he's also the oldest bro. Hanging out, drinking some jinro, and checking out the cute nurses all day? If I make it to 116, that's certainly my plan.

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    Cortes Elijah

    Awesome man!

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    My grandmother was born in 1898 and died 103 years young. Somedays I wonder if i can last to I am half of that.

    Happy Birthday

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    Kyoko Sakata

    Happy Birthday, ojiisan!

    Meanwhile...I will be doing my own research into how these wonderful people live so long. I look forward to hearing results from the study and I'd love to have that recipe book.

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    Ah So

    The city of Kyotango, near Kyoto, should bottle their water. I would buy it...

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    Congrats on a great achievement! He sure is a wonderful old man.

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    Justin Everett

    Also the title exposes the writer's youth. "World's oldest ever man..." vs "World's oldest man..." Yes according to Wikipedia, he only ranks #9 as the world's oldest person.

    No, he is the oldest man ever recorded as the rest of the people who have been older than him have been women.

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    Tom DeMicke

    お誕生日おめでとうございます。Happy Birthday! Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Way to go! Good to read about some good news for a change!

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    The oldest man with coolest name. Man he must have seen some things in his life.

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    116, that's spectacular!

    Hopefully we can all hope to live to that age in a few decades time.

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