Electronic dictionaries with video content

Electronic dictionaries with video content


Casio Computer Co has releases two new EX-word electronic dictionaries. The two new models, XD-N6500 & XD-N8500, will help users learn English via video content.

Both models have new easy-to-use interfaces with content accessible by icon rather than traditional text. They are also designed using tough “Totally Advanced Force Control Technology” (TAFCOT), which helps protect them from the impact of being dropped, pressure and vibration.

The new EX-word models are designed with learners’ specific needs in mind:

· The XD-N6500 is designed for people who want to broaden their knowledge in a range of areas. For beginners, the dictionary also includes 50 five-minute videos of “Little Charo: NY Edition”, the popular NHK animated series.

· The XD-N8500 is designed to help business people to improve both their English and their business knowledge. The dictionary includes new video content that shows learners how to enunciate words and what gestures to use when speaking English.

The new models are open-priced.

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    Nuts. I just bought a Casio but no video. Why didn't anyone tell me?

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    The more advanced those electronic dictionaries become, the more ambiguous the border line of electronic dictionaries and smart phones is. Now that we can use smart phones to check up the words which we don't know very instantly, people will not need to buy those dictionaries in the near future. They may have rethought their strategy and put the function of a video player but smart phones have already got that function, so it is not a surprising advance. I think Casio needs to move on to totally different direction, otherwise they will face a severe slump soon.

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