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    Yeah, maybe it would do all that...

    But I wouldn't want to look like a dork carrying it on my back...

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    Or, you could use it for your "emergency abandon all ships" backpack by the door...

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    Only works for laptops up to 15.6" size. My Deuter rucksack happily swallows an 18.4" model in a padded compartment.

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    Lightweight rucksacks: Considerably heavier when items placed inside.

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    I'll get one!

    It's just the right size to hold my 300 yen bottle of mayonnaise, cardboard to build a temporary shelter, spoons to dig me out of earthquakes, plastic portable toilet and chainsaw.

    Hang on.

    I think I've forgotten something.

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    iPad Mini fits in your cargo pocket. Who needs this? Don't carry around a laptop.

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    Cool thing is that it can also double as a そり, if you need to evacuate from a snowy mountain.

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