Pocketable soap

Pocketable soap

Mankind has been using soap since the days of Ancient Babylon, but there have always been certain practical limitations — try carrying a bar around in your pocket on a rainy day and you’ll see what we mean. Hats off to Dreams Inc, who’ve made soap genuinely pocketable, taking the kind of streamlined plastic packet normally used for breath mints and turning it into a detergent pellet dispenser.

The 12mm tablets, made with natural ingredients, are available in rose, citrus and plain-old “original” versions. 

294 yen. Available from drug stores and Amazon Japan.

Metropolis magazine (www.metropolis.co.jp)

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    Question of time before someone eats a pellet...

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    Haha that's a little extreme...Hey! I just found the perfect gift for my germaphobic friend for her birthday!

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    Must remember not to confuse soap tablet with Mintia while driving...

    THOUGH, it's sure to wake someone up to find one of these in their mouth. Brings back memories of my grandmother saying I should wash my mouth out with soap if I say a bad word. If she were alive today, I'd see her putting a bunch of these in her bag for just such occasions.

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