Upside-down desk to use while you snooze

Upside-down desk to use while you snooze


On Feb 7, a new day of sloth dawned with the issue of Thanko’s new upside-down laptop desk, aptly named Aomuke Gorone Desk (“Napping Face Up Desk”) for 7,980 yen.

Improving on the desktop of previous model Gorone Desk, this one can be used in comfort upside-down, lying on your back.

Inside the desktop are two fans which help to cool down your poor flipped-out laptop, which otherwise would be overheating from the shock.

Don’t worry, your baby is kept cool and held firmly in place with a sturdy band and hooks. You can even fix other things into it that you might want to look at upside down, like magazines or… um, kittens, anyone? And there’s more. It can even be used right-side up.

Easy and discreet, for all your favourite explicit video watching. And with the laptop just inches from your face, you can open your eyes each morning and get straight back to that important Facebook-ing!

Source: My Navi News

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  • 3

    Gerard van Schip

    I cant imagine that being comfortable. Your hands would get tired real quick from being in that unnatural position.

  • 0


    WALL-E spaceship syndrome in effect. How about we do the opposite and have desks where you have to stand at regular intervals.

  • 0


    shut up and take my money!!!!!!

  • 2


    Brought to you by the inventors of the left-hand mouse ; )

  • 2


    I can see this as being of some use for the bedridden, but for the healthy individual? No. Get up and move!

  • 2

    Ewan Huzarmy

    Made for watching streaming porn at bed time.

  • 1


    How can there be any more obscure wacky inventions left for the Japanese to invent anymore?

    But yeah, great for the infirm, tho.

  • 0


    Good invention for hospital beds.

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