Washable PC keyboard

Washable PC keyboard


Buffalo is going to release a washable PC keyboard (BSKBU12BK) in late April.

Keyboards, especially in between keys, easily get dirty with dust and food particles. I have had a serious desire to just wash my keyboard with water sometimes in the past, but of course I didn’t.

However, Buffalo’s new BSKBU12BK keyboard is washable. You can wash it with water or even scrub tough dirt out with water using the accompanying brush. Letters on the keys are carved by laser so that they are not likely to vanish easily.

Price: ¥4,200
Size: 445x21x151mm
Weight: 560g
Cable: 1.5m
Interface: USB2.0/1.1
OS: Windows 8.1, 8, RT, 7, Vista, XP
Number of keys: 180 keys
Key pitch: 19mm
Key stroke: 3.5mm

Source: AkihabaraNews

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    Yes! The keyboard is the most disgusting part of the computer. The gross condition of most is awful. Please! Get to clean keyboards before they pass sickness to the next user. Just disgusting!

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    Looks like it has a "wire" attached... I prefer the "cordless" type but being able to wash it is a BIG + !

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    Another vote for disgusting keyboards, - ? sorry, maybe every keyboard should be a repository for filth?

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    Flippy Jagermeister

    Make it wireless! You Neanderthals!

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    Auhh I don't think it would be wise to make it cordless with a need of a battery installed.

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    Keep your hands clean, wipe the keyboard with sanitizing wipes, and blow the embedded particles or dust out with a pressurized duster from time to time. A keyboard doesn't have to get dirty. What's so difficult about keeping a keyboard clean?

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    There are wireless waterproof washable keyboards for awhile.

    For something simpler, there are also washable plastic/silicone keyboard protectors that allow ya to type while it's covering the keyboard.

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    Can I bring it in the ofuro with me, and pretend it's my rubber ducky?

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    This is a good keyboard for me, as I spilt coffee accidentally and I ruined keyboards in the past.

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