Waterproof, mountable video camera

Waterproof, mountable video camera


This new product “Bikkurisurukurai Kireini Toreru Bosui Video Camera” (Waterproof video camera that makes it possible to take surprisingly-beautiful quality video) manufactured by Thanko consists of 2 units: a video camera and waterproof housing case. Just like the product name implies, you can take 1920 x 1080p Full HD video with high frame rate (60FPS, 720p).

This appears to be a lower cost alternative to Gopro cameras.

The waterproof housing case allows you to take videos under water, for example, in order for you to film your outdoor activities such as surfing, skiing, scuba diving etc. Several attachment parts to set up the video camera on a bicycle, surfboard, and helmet come with the product.

Also, it’s usable as a drive recorder. By using an attached cigarette socket adapter, the video camera operates simultaneously with the car’s engine. When the engine starts, the video camera starts filming and when the engine stops, the video camera stops filming.

Price: 17,800 yen
Size: 47 x 43 x 44mm
Weight: 75g

Akihabara News

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    Full HD picture for only 17,800 yen? What's the catch?

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