Can Formula One get any better than 2012?

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    Yes it CAN be better - when Mansell, Prost and Senna were at their peak, and when a young Schumacher became the world champion for the first time... when racing was exciting and we had people to admire, not robots in racing machines.

    So yes, Formula One CAN be better than 2012.

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    I disagree, Thunderbird. Racing is as exciting as ever, the personalities are just as great, and the level of coverage just gets better and better. The only thing I would change is the transmissions. I would love to see them do away with the paddles and sequential automatics, and go back to manually shifted gears. I wonder if youngsters like Vettel and Hamilton ever learned how to do a proper heel-toe downshift.

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    the personalities are just as great

    ---Räikkönen--- 8-(

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    A good season surely.

    Sadly there is no decent way of watching it without paying quite a bit of money. My life has become fractured watching at best.

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