New media world won't end need for journalists

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    Perhaps if Journalism had not been captured by those who require a Marxist overlay on the truth, more would care about the survival of the breed.

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    Mainstream journalism sold out years ago when the need/ greed for massive advertising revenues and profits led their corporate masters to refrain from publishing anything controversial or embarrassing to their sponsors...

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    While this is true:

    "It is not journalism’s best moment if much key work were taken over by amateurs, or done by machine, the study said."

    If it "were" taken over?

    World wide newspapers are going bankrupt. Two huge quality papers in Germany just did so last week. The corporations who own newspapers have problems and they are not able to solve them. Like the movie and the music industry they are not able to understand the internet, all they know is how to contact their lawyers and bribe their politicians a little more to protect their interests with more laws. With globalisation newspapers too have been reduced to one primary purpose: maximising short term profit, the mantra of neo-liberal economics. So, journalists who want to be paid adequately for their quality work have been replaced by students who do "copy and paste". There is no danger, that this is going to happen, it already **is **the normal "journalism.

    The developement cannot be stopped, no one knows where it will end. The good news for Japan is, that there is no quality journalism here, so nothing will change.

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