The trouble with Kyoto Protocol

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    What a joke.... what a waste of money....

    It is so easy to see. The point is that it is not just every country, in every country you can see every person pointing their finger at everybody else, THEY are the ones that should save, THE OTHERS are the ones who are supposed to pay for this with their money. And the politician want to be reelected by those same people and have to go on pretending....

    Nothing will happen... simply stop wasting more money and admit it and accept it.

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    The global welfare state is coming. Administered by the rich elite who want to have their fingers in everybody's pie.

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    The Kyoto protocol is just an excuse for a Global Tax to fund the UN and their lavish salaries and expense accounts.

    Every person will be choked with ever decreasing personal carbon quotas while the rich elite will continue to live extravagant lifestyles whizzing around in private jets because of course they'll be able to afford to purchase carbon credits. While the rest of us won't even be allowed to have a barbecue nor heat our homes.

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    and only Japan was stupid enough to keep on paying

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