Abe in Thailand

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shinawatra review a guard of honor during a welcome ceremony at the Government House in Bangkok, Thailand, on Thursday. See story here.

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    Wow, she's always beautiful...

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    I wish Japan would elect such a stunning PM.

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    Another woman as elected head of the country ! . .. .....................So nice to see ---------------------.Japan for all its "progressiveness" needs to address the systemic gender inequity, if it really wants to move forward,

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    Like Abe knows even the smallest thing about the military and serving one's country...!

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    Among the female PM, no one is charming, fashionable and presentable like Yingluck. I admired her economic policy, cooking skills and model like apprearance. Although she become Thai PM due to the popularity of her elder brother, she is getting confidence about her job and duties. She looks more Chinese or Korean than Thai.

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    Seirei Tobimatsu

    Who enjoys pomp & pageantry? Such a waste of resources. Instead divert to uplift Thailand's poor?

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    Who enjoys pomp & pageantry?

    Leaders are not celebrities. However good personality and charm will make more trade deals and diplomacy in international stage. Booming South East Asians enjoy it.

    Such a waste of resources. Instead divert to uplift Thailand's poor?

    Thai GDP 5% and unemployment is rate is 0.7%. Although Thai is weaker than Japan, Yingluck has lifted many poor from extrem poverty. Japan GDP 2.1% and unemployment rate is 4.9%. Thai poor has more hopes because Thai is booming. Japanese poor have very little hopes because Japan has been almost no growth since 1991.

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    Abe is thinking to himself, "damn this is not the past, if we try again we will be decimeted"

    Well the only thing we can do is let the black bands guys enjoy in the street of Tokyo.

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    100 yen says Abe asked where her husband, the Prime Minister, was.

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    While I also thiink Japan should have a femal Prime Minister soon, but currently there are no female candidates for the position. And rather than hoping for a female PM, we should first hope for a capable PM who can lead the nation, regardless of gender. since Abe, Japan been play musical chairs with their incompetent PMs for the average of 1 per year, now we're back to where we started with Abe. Now the reason is there are less female politicians/lawmakers in a powerful position enough. The "Ozawa Girls", why some held fairly high position, did nothing note-worthy. Currently there is also less female politicians.

    If more Japanese ladies get involved into politics, a female Japanese PM could turn into reality.
    regardless of gender Japan needs a competent PM and a strong support from the public as well as in goverment. Whether they be male or female.

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