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    vote for this group :(

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    Stephen Jez

    What you call artistic expression I call lazy NEETs.

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    I don`t see any artistic expression in this picture. All that I see is a group of fun people getting together to have fun in a park.

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    though not an NEET i do get on the good foot whenever possible and am hoping you all try to as well...

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    Did they get drunk on some booze first? Or can they do this amazing feat while sober? :-)

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    alladin ------ Too bad you miss the point . . .if you ever do get out of your cave and travel to places like Europe, you'll see a lot of this kind of 'art' in places like Spain, Italy . . especially in market places , parks, and other public places ............... people ( mostly young people ) dressed in strange costumes and with heavy makeup , simply standing still holding certain postures for long periods of time . . .... It cause passers-by to pause & look . . . . .And I find it rather charming & innovative art. . . . .

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    "This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius...."

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    all I could think of when watching this picture was "Bazinga".

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    Any idea what theya are danicing for, JT? Or just a random group of people dressed up in the park?

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    That dude in the red is only there to check out the little hottie in the front. And is that Weird Al from his I'm Fat video?

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    Gosh, this looks absolutely awful.

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    Artistic expression???

    It's just the Gungnam style, isn't it?

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    Simon Phillips

    Hiroicci I agree with you "its just the Gungnam style" pose......!

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    So intense!! Gotta give them credit dancing in public like this, especially on such a cold day.

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    Stephen "What you call artistic expression I call lazy NEETs."

    With a city infested with over worked stressed out salary people, me included by the way, I think Tokyo could use a heck of a lot more people being chilled and happy in the park.

    Believe it or not, life is not all about work. That Puritanical thinking is why the world is as messed up as it is. We need to let go and enjoy life now and then. Afterall you are not here forever and you can't take the money or "stuff" with you. So have a little fun when and where you can!

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    could there be a goofier bunch of gaijins in Japan???? Don't think so!

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    Where i come from we call there types attention seekers and ignore them, they then go away,

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    Those j-girls who got invited to the baikingu are taking it awfully well.

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