Chic chihuahua

An 11-year-old female chihuahua, named “Grizett,” wears a fashion item during an event in Tokyo on Wednesday.

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    Ian Duncan

    That is not a dog. It isn't even a snack.

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    " When my human falls asleep, vengeance will be MINE! Mwaahaaaaaa."

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    The indignity a dog has to endure for its owner's pleasure

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    Beyond stupid, poor little bugger.

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    No way is that a 'fashion item'. It's a dog torture-and-humiliation device.

    No wonder chihuahuas tend to be snappy little critters.

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    So wrong... so very wrong...

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    You think I am cute, n'est ce pas? You think I am an ornament, n'est pas? But when you sleep, n'est pas, I will strike. Vengeance shall be mine! Oh yes, c'est vrai!

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    Who shaved the rat?

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    O-Inu Sama......

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    The passage

    What on earth drives people to do this? I saw a pair of whippets in Yoyogi wearing denim boiler suits. The world has gone absolutely crazy.

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    Sorry, we seem to have had the same reaction, but you were first!

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    This creature is as close to a dog as a farm-bred pet-ferret is to a mink. You can complain all you want, but in the end it's just another animal bred to purpose, which is being a little cute pet. No difference to cattle bred for beef, or even closer those cage-chicken that produce cheap eggs.

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    Poor little pooch. Probably thinking what the hek is this around my neck.

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    Sometimes, there is just toooooooooo much "cute" in Japan.

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    Open Minded

    Can anyone explain me why there are people doing that? Why vets don't tell their customers this bothers - not to say harm in certain cases - their loved pets? To make them healthy and happy, dogs need space and daily run/exercise, not human dressing!

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    Hee hee!

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    While the clothing of this dog is silly looking and probably have no practical use - in colder countries small-dog owners buy clothes for their dogs because of the cold weather.

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