Iron man

Iron man

Panasonic’s Evolta robot swims during a triathlon demonstration in Tokyo. Three of the robots will take part in the Ironman triathlon event in Hawaii from Oct 24. The robots, powered by three AA-size rechargeable Evolta batteries, will swim, bike and run a total of about 230 km within one week.

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    Really, but the same batteries last about 4 hours in my bike light....

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    Cheating Buggers! Takes the rest of us 30 weeks of 15hour+ training.

    "Damn you Evoltaaaa~~~~" [McBain impression]

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    I read somewhere else that it will take a week to complete the course.

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    Impressive, but I've got my money on the Energizer Bunny.

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    It"S ME

    I am sure that the will use multiple sets of batteries and swap drained ones for recharged ones.

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    The Munya Times

    I don't know, I tried Panasonic’s Evolta batteries, a bit expensive but it was the best among the other Japanese brands.

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    Actually there are other batteries, even from Panasonic, which have more than twice the energy capacity.

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    the point of the triathlon and other human activity is about accomplishment. Replacing human accomplishment is weird and oddly traitorous. Like Big Blue playing Jeopardy. Take the human out of the activity and it is no longer a human activity.

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