Must be a good view

Must be a good view

Visitors to Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto crowd the balcony as they take photos of the autumn foliage. The temple was built in 1236 and then rebuilt in the 15th century after it was destroyed.

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    may not be that good unless MASA shows us what this crowd is looking through their view finder.

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    Toufukuji is my favourite temple in Kyoto. Normally is not at all crowded, and I do love it's very modern "traditional" zen garden.

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    Never been there but it looks like the Kiyomizudera temply. I highly recommend this one btw for a nice view.

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    Must be a solid floor.

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    Kiyomizu Temple and the grounds all around it are indeed very nice places to visit and stroll around -- although I highly recommend waiting until all the Autumn foliage has fallen and the crowds dispersed. Yeah, it would be ideal if we could see the Autumn beauty without having to jostle our way through a few thousand elbows and point-and-click cameras, but that's not going to happen here. The only thing I wish is that Japanese people -- in general, not all -- actually took their time on vacation or when sight-seeing and LOOKED at the scenery instead of rushing, taking pics, then looking at the pictures once they get home.

    Went to a temple last weekend with a special window outlooking Autumn scenery but we couldn't get close because the room was packed full of amateur photographers trying to snap a pic.

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