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    Matthew Simon


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    Sensational lighting.

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    cooool! is that streak of light above the temple a part of the lighting or some crazy ufo event

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    Very pretty.

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    Cortes Elijah

    I went there last month. A beautiful place!

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    another great shot jeff :)

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    Nick Kavassalis

    This pic is enhanced, we were there a few nights ago and it was spectacular. But not quite so over the top HDR...

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    For anyone interested in a high-res version - I dug it up on Jeff's Flickr:


    Awesome shot. Makes me want to visit Kyoto again.

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    very nice thanks for sharing that.

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    One of those love hotel spotlights in the background have ruined the photo

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    looks like a painting, so surreal...

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    Stunning !

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    I saw the illumination there in spring. It was really beautiful. Last week I wanted to see the night illumination at Eikando (also in Kyoto), but about 600 people were lining up, waiting time estimated to be more than 1h, so I gave up in the end. Kyoto during a long weekend in autumn is truly scary!

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    Where's that beam of light coming from? - i saw it from the Kyoto Tower observation deck when i was there in March and thought it was in the general direction of Kiyomizudera but couldn't be sure in the dark.

    Should be in Kyoto in late November next year, thus looking forward to kōyō

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    Lee Vann

    This does not look like HDR to me, just a long exposure time with a low F setting.

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    Jeff Laitila

    Correct Lee Vann, this was a bit of a longer exposure, coupled with high ISO and wide aperture.

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    gorgeous - makes me want to be back there right now!

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    I wonder how many millions of people have walked through this wooden temple over the years. I certainly did.

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    Enhanced or not, this is a great picture

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