Robot warrior

A man looks at a giant Kuratas robot at an exhibition in Tokyo. The four-meter-high, limited edition, made-to-order robot is controlled through a pilot in its cockpit, or via a smartphone. The four-ton Kuratas can be customised in 16 different colors, and is armed with a futuristic weapons system, including a multi-rocket launcher that fires plastic rockets filled with compressed water. 

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    just wait for the orders to come in from foreign powers.... using a few loopholes they could probably cirmcumvent customs knowing the Japanese laws

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    Green Panda

    I hope it's a profitable venture that increases Japan's exports. It doesn't look like it can do much damage by firing plastic rockets though.

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    Not a gundam.... but I'll take it. if JSDF gonna armed these with weapons like rockets, missiles, gatling guns, and show it off at their annual show, I'm gonna freak.

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    Can it be adapted to do something useful? like yard work?

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    You can't compress water.

    Try it and let me know how you get on.

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    Reminds me of the Robocop ED209 robot.

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    They're dreaming still. Still will need fuel to run so many parts. Plus the wheels need serious help as far as rough or sandy terrain. I'll give them credit for trying to work a bit harder on powered suits for the military though. If only that nagging power source problem, balancing mechanisms, AI junk were finally put to rest.

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    @Probie, you can, if you have enough force, compress anything. May be a micron of compression, but compression it is. Water you certainly can.

    One uranium tipped shell and this heap of junk is toast!

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    This is a good place for Japan to hide a nuclear arsenal.....if they really still want it.....

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    Truely, Japan could lead the world in innovational engineering, nuclear or otherwise, this just goes to show that Japan has what the world want's, and if you really give it some thought, you will know it to be true, Japan could rule the world!, economically...speaking....way cool nippon!!!

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    If you are wondering how it works, click here.

    All you need is a hot chick and a smartphone.

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    "fires plastic rockets filled with compressed water"

    I used to play with those! They went really high! I should get this so I can shoot some of those noisy crows!

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    It is of course not a military thing, that would be ridiculous. It is for entertainment; probably Hollywood will order a couple.

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    Can see a battalion of these stationed at the Sengoku islands in the not too distant future.

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    Thank god for all the enterprising engineers that are not afraid to embarrass themselves :)

    Anyway, they sure know their customers. I would take one if I could >:D

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    @Probie, you can, if you have enough force, compress anything. May be a micron of compression, but compression it is. Water you certainly can.

    Yeah, a LOT of force to compress it a TINY amount. Which I doubt this heap of scrap has.

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    so is this how japans gonna take over the world?

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