Cool Biz, Hooters, AKB48, Fox TV and lots more on JPOD


Join me on the JPOD this week as we discuss the latest news and gossip about what’s happening in Japan. We are joined by Japan Today editor Chris Betros, NPR radio host and journalist John Matthews, Fox TV producer Dan Smith, Fox “Backstage Pass” co-host Matthew Ireton, Metropolis movie critic Don Morton, Tokyo Comedy Store stand-up comedian Cloudy Bongwater and Warren Wadud, owner of Nirvana New York at Tokyo Midtown.


Our crew discusses the nuclear power debate, Cool Biz, Hooters, cleavage cover-ups, AKB48, Olympus and Japan’s donations to the IMF.


Exciting things are happening at Fox TV with “Backstage Pass” whose team were on hand to meet Jessica Alba, the cast and crew of “Battleship” and lots of other celebrities. Don Morton lets us know his must-see and must-miss movies. And looking ahead, Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Johnny Depp are due in Japan in May.

All this and lots more on the JPOD!

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Kamasami Kong
Kamasami Kong
Kong is a long-time radio veteran in Japan, having started in the late 1970s on a record album project with DJ Katsuya Kobayashi and musician Tatsurou Yamashita, called "COME ALONG II." Since then, he has had radio programs on FM YOKOHAMA, INTER-FM, TOKYO-FM and FM802 in Osaka. His programs are currently being heard in the Kansai area on FM COCOLO. He pioneered the Tokyo MetPod, and is now publishing the Kong Show, a podcast featuring news, interviews, entertainment and more.

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    hi KK, if anyone wants to listen to you on the radio, both and InterFM are not streaming on my Android app, TuneIn, so i have to go to to listen.Bob, could you ask why cocolo is not streaming on the great Android app, TuneIn?

    I will check out this Jpod show you have here, thanks.

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