JT Tech Show -- Interview with Brad Bartz of ABC Solar

JT Tech Show -- Interview with Brad Bartz of ABC Solar


Join Reno Tibke, editor at AkihabaraNews and host of the JT Tech Show, for a special interview with Brad Bartz, founder of ABC Solar Japan.

Bartz gives us an insight on where the solar power industry is worldwide and how Japan stacks up. We look at the big picture to see solar power’s potential in supplying Japan’s future energy needs as the country debates when to phase out its reliance on nuclear power. Bartz also discusses the “soft costs” and other factors holding solar power back in Japan.

For those considering installing solar panels on their homes, we discuss the benefits Japan offers, compared to places such as California. And as this is a Tech Show, we even discuss, in layman’s terms, how solar panels work.

As always, we look forward to your comments and feedback. Enjoy.

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Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke is an editor at AkihabaraNews.
Website: http://akihabaranews.com/

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