Abe piles pressure on BOJ

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    He also said he will pick someone who agrees with his views on the need for bolder monetary easing to succeed BOJ Gov Masaaki Shirakawa when his term expires in April next year.

    Why take that much trouble even, Annex BOJ to Diet and let Abe himself assume the post of "PM cum Banker."

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    Leave BOJ alone. It is supposed to be independent. Japan going mad!!

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    "He also said he will pick someone who agrees with his views " ???? What if he's wrong ???

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    Abe is not piling pressure. It seems that he is rather threatening the Gov of BOJ. Abe says, "If you don't listen to me, you will lose your chair of BOJ."

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    It makes a big difference whether the yen is at 80 to the dollar, or at 90 to the dollar........................................... Abe is absolutely right ! . . BOC is there to serve the country & not function independent of the economic / business exigencies. A lower yen will help re-boost the economy.It’s Economics 101.

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    A lower yen will help re-boost the economy.It’s Economics 101.

    Wrong. Supply/Demand will reboost the economy. This action will fail for a long run at expense of the middle income tax payers. Japan is heading to another trouble. Why do I have to buy products made in Japan? They are manufacturing products we do not need and want. Good luck.

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    DogDec. 24, 2012 - 01:42PM JST

    The reboost will be at a very big cost for later generations in terms of debt and lately the young ones are waking up to the selfishness of their elders, but all too late and too passive.

    Dog, again you and I are on the same page. all too late and too passive? I am actually very concerned about social instability in Japan for the next decades. Hope I am wrong.

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    Herve Nmn L'Eisa

    Ha! Asking politicians to save the economy is like asking Bernie Madoff to manage your household budget and John Wayne Gacy to entertain your young sons. Politicians by their very nature and their very presence distort/destroy/sodomize economic order. Politicians create law after law to alter human action and the resulting human interactions we label an "economy". Politicians also steal from the unborn and create economic distortions in the future, kind of like meddling time travelers. Then there is the power they grant to the central bank, literally the mother of all economic clusterlumps.

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