Abe to send special envoy to S Korea

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    Excellent -- -proactive - - gracious - - and sends the clear message that Japan wants friendly relations with Korea.

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    shrine-visiting is out of question now? poor abe

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    agreed no dispute for Dokto?

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    Agree with Cha that it's Abe's men who carry a higher risk of saying anything which may trigger emotional anger in Korea while Abe himself is expected to be careful and calculative in his remarks as he has always been. Abe should specifically instruct his men to keep their mouths shut. Hope Park and Abe can agree to focus more on the future while patiently taking the time as needed on the specifics of the past. In the meantime Abe should at least comment whatever he can to express his sympathy towards all comfort women who suffered during the war. Ishihara will probably say whatever he wants and should be ignored.

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    Best wishes to Abe and Park, have a productive tenure in your respective governments.

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    Thomas Anderson

    Well Abe is doing a not bad job, much to the Internet right-wingers' dismay...

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    "semperfiDEC. 22, 2012 - 08:05AM JST Excellent -- -proactive - - gracious - - and sends the clear message that Japan wants friendly relations with Korea."

    Let's cross the fingers to observe how good Shinzo Abe can play with 'charm' imposing games with olive branches..

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