EU, Japan to start cyber-security dialogue

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    GOOD LUCK ! Though the collaboration among countries is good . . . .Cyber space - with increasing permutations of crimes is a whole new frontier . . . one where criminals , for the most part still remain anonymous . . . .

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    The faxes will be flying.

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    They are more interested in eavesdropping and taxing than they are in security. Increasing security will make regulating, taxing, and listening in on users much more easy.

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    Nakatsu Shinji

    rather should they fight the american nsa spies.. execution of all they can find.. america would do the same to anyone else on the ground of terrorism..

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    Stop the Russian and Chinese hackers, block the US spying on everyone and then come and talk to us about cyber security.

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    Just Watching the Digital Attack Map with the Top daily DDoS attacks worldwide is something to see...

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