Ex-PM Fukuda meets China's Xi

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    Former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said he briefly met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday in his capacity as chairman of an international conference, but there was no discussion of bilateral tensions

    konichiwa Xi san...and back home (?)

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    This is good news. Any opportunity for responsible individuals to dialogue can enhance the overall understanding and diffuse the tension. I hope that informal discussions as well as more formal sessions between responsible individuals on all sides continues, in order that a more peaceful East Asia can be achieved.

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    I reckon Fukuda is positioning himself for another tilt at the top job when abe packs it in later this year. And he's only 92! Bring back Fukuda!

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    Wake up!!!

    This is being shown to Chinese audiences. It's not innocuous advertising. It's old school propaganda, circa 1939 in the US. It's old-fashioned, but it can work on an unsophisticated populace, of which there are a billion in the PRC, with less than three hundred million beyond that who understand they're being manipulated by this war-mongering propaganda.

    By the same token, your newspapers in Japan should be keeping you informed of what the government over there on the mainland is making its citizens see and think. Shouldn't you be doing the same? How would you feel if you saw this film for the first while sitting among a Chinese audience in China? Now imagine how you would feel if you were in a theater in your neighborhood watching a beautiful Japanese actress with an eye for a Japanese soldier fighting against Chinese aggression for control of the Senkakus? Now, you'll understand how a Chinese audience is reacting to this movie:

    No.1: Naked actress on set sparks debate 抗日剧现全裸女 18645

    A photo of an unnamed naked Chinese actress saluting actors dressed up as Chinese soldiers in a set of a film concerning the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) went viral after a Sina Weibo user posted it on April 8, enraging net users at film producers shooting indecent scenes to boost ratings, northnews.cn reported.

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