India PM Modi set to visit Japan Aug 31-Sept 3

Picture expired. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech from the Red Fort to mark the country's 68th Independence Day in New Delhi on August 15, 2014 AFP

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    “The Government of Japan sincerely welcomes the visit of the Prime Minister, which will further strengthen the friendly relations between Japan and India,” said a separate statement from the Japanese embassy on Friday.

    cultural exchange (!) yeah, business exchange already done with China.

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    India says China invaded them once, but India is taking the same measure as Japan --- Try to forget the history of that period.

    This is totally different as China, China had been invaded by Japan, and China is tring to memory every details to memory that periodical history. Can I say that the only explain of these different behaviors is India is keep lying?

    Can I also say that the India was the invader as a matter of fact?

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    Can I also say that the India was the invader as a matter of fact?

    Erm, can I have some of what you've been smoking?

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    Once upon a time, England owned North America and India, Hong Kong and many more countries. It is nice Japan and India will be friendly country again, .

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