Japan must avoid vacuum without BOJ governor: DPJ leader

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    The LDP will conciously appoint a "yes man" for the next BOJ chief.

    It was clearly stated in their campaign platform-removing INDEPENDENCE from BOJ. I am afraid the LDP will rape BOJ from left to right and nobody can stop it. Well, Japanese voters wanted that, remember? They won the election. So be it.

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    I am afraid the LDP will rape BOJ from left to right and nobody can stop it.

    The usage of rape in this context reads so trivialized,particularly as to what

    happened in two recent cases overseas.They'll exploit, use or take advantage of the BOJ but rape? A bad analogy at best.

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    They'll exploit, use or take advantage of the BOJ but rape? A bad analogy at best.

    This is a big gamble of Japan and the global economists including Paul Krugman are carefully watching. No other countries have ever done this in history. The stake is too high and Japan cannot make mistakes. Good luck.

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    Kaeida said there is always hope the LDP and Abe will fail? Now there is something to look forward to! So, the DJP is relying on the other party's failure so they can be returned to power to pick up the pieces? It seems the apathy in Japan runs right through to the top. Gawd forbid the DJP should actually do something proactive, like proving to the country they have the formular for success. Abenomics will fail, there is no doubt about that and their recent announcement of cutting welfare payments just shows how bad his economic policies are for the 'real' people of Japan. There also is no doubt that he and his right-wing samurai 'wanna-be' brothers, Hashimoto and Ishihara will totally screw up all trade relations with the rest of Asia and possibly even take Japan into a military conflict pushing the economy even further into recession. Japan is doomed! It will only take two years and the Japanese economists will be looking up at Spain's economy. Get your money out of Japan folks and keep your work part time. Full time employees will be paying more than 50% of their salaries into bureaucratic coffers so these twits can keep their new black cars shining.

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    DisillusionedJan. 17, 2013 - 09:34PM JST

    You are more optimistic than I am about Japan. I have used a word of "rape" for a good reason as the issue is very, very serious and nobody including moderator seem to understand it. Japan is heading to a total collapse and the LDP, BOJ, MOF will be all panic runing around like chickens with no heads. I have said enough more than a year about it, and the people still DO NOT GET IT.

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