Japan sees current TPP talks as key to final stage by year-end

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    It's interesting that many of these countries have rather large and growing income and wealth gaps. Obviously their democratic processes are not working and the elite can buy off politicians and change the rules of exchange for their continued advantage. The TPP is basically a document written by and for huge corporations in secret and there has been little or no input from the civil groups and social organizations we rely on to counter or slow down neoliberal globalization. Obama, as we might have expected, is busy doing the bidding of corporate lobbyists, though he ran on a campaign lie to eliminate their influence.

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    That's what they said last year.

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    *Japan sees current TPP talks as key to final stage * well cut tarriffs on agriculture and stop wasting everybodys time, if not get out of the TPP or better still get kicked out!

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    Get this show on road!

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    TPP-Total Population Pacification

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    Give Japan the boot and get on with it.

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    easy way to get these talks moving towards something useful would be to turf Japan out on their rear-ends. The restrictions they want to bring with Japan's chronically inefficient agriculture sector makes including Japan a nonsense. Send Japan packing and get on with the TPP!

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    Either Japan gets (or is kicked) out, or the TPP will never happen. And why the long time period for things to kick in? Lots of this stuff is like 20 years down the road, even if the TPP got approved tomorrow.

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